Accept UUID for User pk

Since Django 1.8 it is possible to define UUID fields, even for primary keys.

Doing the following change possibly is enough?

# from
url(r'^(?P<uid>\d+)/$', 'impersonate', name='impersonate-start'),

# to
url(r'^(?P<uid>[0-9A-Fa-f-]+)/$', 'impersonate', name='impersonate-start'),

To circumvent this issue, I added the following URL resolver before the line includes impersonate.urls:

url(r'^imp_uuid/(?P<uid>[0-9A-Fa-f-]+)$', 'impersonate.views.impersonate',
url(r'^imp/', include('impersonate.urls')),
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bitbucket:Eric K. 6 years ago · edit

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bitbucket:Peter Sanchez 6 years ago · edit

Thank you! I'll include this in 1.2. I think it's a simple regex change.

bitbucket:Christopher Bailey 4 years ago · edit

This is still not resolved if you are using a Session backend that is JSON based (like redis). UUIDs are not JSON serializable.

If the pk is a UUID, it should be cast to a str before being stored on the session as this still works:

u = User.objects.get(pk="ffffbc6b-0703-48af-8f76-c418ec608933")
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